More Software


nem-voting by shierve

nem-voting is a typescript / node.js module for using the NEM voting functionalities easily on any project. Created using NEM-library.

nem-trezor by shierve

nem-trezor is a typescript / node.js npm module that adds trezor functionalities to nem-library.

For the module to work you will need a trezor device connected to the system and trezor trezor-bridge should be running (or the chrome extension).

The library only works in a browser environment because of the way trezor is implemented, if executed in a node script environment it will throw an exception.


AWS Lambda by Daoka

Sample using NEMLibrary on AWS lambda.

Mobile Apps

NEMPay by dgarcia360

NEMPay is a mobile app to transfer NEM mosaics easily.

NEMPay has been developed in Ionic, and currently available for Android and iOS.


nem-faucet by 44uk